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  4. "APPitic is a directory of apps for education by Apple Distinguished Educators (ADEs) to help you transform teaching and learning. These apps have been tested in a variety of different grade levels, instructional strategies and classroom settings.”

  5. Though we keep hearing about a huge increase in sales of e-books, a recent survey shows that, for students, that needle has not really moved much…..

  6. How to use technology to engage kids:

    "Gamers have solved the structure of a retrovirus enzyme whose configuration had stumped scientists for more than a decade. The gamers achieved their discovery by playing Foldit, an online game that allows players to collaborate and compete in predicting the structure of protein molecules. After scientists repeatedly failed to piece together the structure of a protein-cutting enzyme from an AIDS-like virus, they called in the Foldit players. The scientists challenged the gamers to produce an accurate model of the enzyme. They did it in only three weeks.”

  7. Debbie Lugar, Educational Technology Specialist from the Chester County Intermediate Unit provides this newsletter to the District on a regular basis.  I will be posting it here as I receive them.

  8. Back to school is an exciting time – both for students and educators. While back to school in itself might be motivation to develop yourself professionally, when you have a moment of downtime, what do you find motivates you?

    Take a look at what those attending the ISTE conference felt motivated them in their role as educators.The I AM [an educator] sharing project was created by Atomic Learning to acknowledge educators (as well as all those who inspire, encourage and support them), and honor all that they do to ensure today’s students receive the best education. Do you have your own I AM [an educator]story to tell?

    courtesy of Atomic Learning

  9. For those of you who use Google Gmail, Google Calendar or Google Docs, Google is rolling out offline versions of each.  This will allow you to access the programs and do certain functions without an Internet connection.  When your connection becomes available again the applications will synchronize with Google servers again.

    For those of you unfamiliar, the Google applications are web based (cloud) applications that allow you to connect to your email, calendar, and files anywhere you have Internet access and an available web browser.  This new feature will allow you to continue to work even without an Internet connection.

  10. Middle School Network

    Good News!

    The Middle School network has been completely upgraded.  The building network was one of the first networks installed over 10 years ago and the only network not recently upgraded.  This was causing the network to be sluggish and at times unresponsive.  The upgrades were completed this week and everything is running much faster now.  I will have more information on these upgrades and other future district wide network upgrades in the coming weeks.